The Handbook project

The new WordPress Handbook project is exiting, and I like the idea of handbooks for different user bases. I think I will volunteer to participate in the CMS handbook, as it fits with me digging into WordPress as a CMS and making CMS niche themes.

excerpt from Janes announcement to the documentation list:

I’ve also got a volunteer writer/editor, Doug Provencio,  who’s started on an outline for the CMS User Handbook. So for editors  I’d like to round up someone to work on end user, someone to work with  Doug on CMS, and 1-2 people each for the theme developer, plugin developer and sys admin versions. Editors should be able to create a good outline, have excellent writing skills, and be familiar enough  with the Codex to easily mine it for existing text.

As we assign volunteer editors, I want to start regular IRC chats during the first phase of the project, so that more community members can advise on what should go into each handbook, review outlines, etc.  We’ll also have a blog set up at for  progress reports, questions, asynchronous brainstorming, etc. I’ll add  editors as authors, and it will allow comments from anyone. This list  will probably be home to chunk of discussion as well.

The full post to the documentation list:

The first discussion about the CMS handbook: